How To Clean Your Jazz Shoes

How To Clean Your Jazz Shoes

Types of jazz shoes

  • Dance/Jazz Sneakers: The advantage of purchasing dance/jazz sneakers is the fact that this type of dance shoes is excellent for a variety of dances that feature dynamic and high-impact moves. Usually constructed with rubber soles, the shoes are able to absorb shocks or impacts from jumps and pirouettes. Dance Sneakers are also a great choice for street dancers.
  • Slip-On Jazz Shoes: Extremely flexible, slip-on jazz shoes are highly comfortable and convenient as dancers only have to slip in and out of them with much ease. The shoes are quite versatile and are considered a great option for quick changes.
  • Lace-Up Jazz Shoes: Lace-up jazz shoes are some of the most used dance shoes in the world. They can be easily tied and untied offering excellent comfort and properly securing your feet.

How to maintain you jazz shoes

Dance shoes are generally crafted to be more resistant and withstand a lot more wear than regular street shoes. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should neglect properly taking care of them. By being a bit careful with your shoes you may be able to extend their life for quite some time.

  • First of all, regardless of the dance that you are practicing, it is highly recommended that you have at least two pairs of dance shoes to be able to alternate them between practice sessions and performances.
  • Another important aspect worth considering is placing your shoes in a cool and dry place after using them, as fibers in damp shoes tend to break down quicker. It is actually highly important to keep your shoes dry.
  • Always remember to wear your jazz/dance shoes solely on the dance floor. Wearing them outdoors can contribute to a faster deterioration of the soles. You can also track dirt and water to your dance sessions, which should be certainly avoided. For the same reason, make sure you never wear your street shoes in the studio.
  • To neutralize smells and remove bad odors use baking soda on a regular basis. Using protective insoles is a great idea as well.
  • To properly maintain the condition of your shoes’ soles you should regularly use a shoe brush. Although this is beneficial and helps you keep the soles in good shape, over-brushing can actually make them wear off faster.
  • Never keep your dance shoes in a plastic bag. It will cause them to sweat, which in turn will increase bacterial growth and contribute to bad odors.
  • Always be gentle when you put on and take off your shoes.

How To Clean Your Jazz Shoes

The best way to clean your canvas dance shoes is to use a damp paper towel by slowly scrubbing the dirty areas. If the shoes need a deeper clean you may use detergent or neutral soap like the coconut kind. Another good option would be to spray a little window cleaning solution on a paper towel and also lightly rub where necessary.

Although not recommended, many dancers choose to wash their canvas dance shoes in the washing machine. If you also choose to do so make sure you put them in a pillowcase first. Avoid using a dryer because your shoes will definitely shrink.  

If you own leather jazz dance shoes, a great way to clean dirt off them is to use melamine foam.

Jazz shoes are certainly some of the best shoes when it comes to comfort, flexibility in movement and support, being a great investment for any activity. There are a variety of aspects that can affect which jazz shoes could be considered the best, but most of the time it all comes down to preferences. Your choice should be also based on the type and complexity of the choreography you practice.