How to choose latin dance shoes


Our instructions are simple and straightforward. We will take you through the search process step by step. If you want to dive in and start searching for a pair of Latin shoes that is suited for you, check out the following guidelines

How to choose Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

As you probably already know, there are three types of ballroom shoes: Standard, Latin, and Practice. For the past 10 years or so, the variety of Latin shoes has dramatically increased. The great thing is that today, women have the option to choose from thousands of designs, each one more beautiful than the other. This could also be a bit confusing. From such vast numbers, which is the right one for you?

As the popularity of Latin Dances has grown significantly, even brides to be are now considering the advantages of wearing comfortable dance shoes at their weddings.

Since Latin Shoes are not quite cheap, you should consider the following aspects before purchasing a pair regardless if you use them for practice or performing:

  • Comfort: Optimal comfort is always a must, but flexibility shouldn’t come second
  • Color: Make sure you pick a color that works with more than one of your outfits. As most shoes come in black, white and tan designs, one of the most advantageous colors that you could choose between them is definitely tan. This will make your legs seem longer and you will also be able to avoid people focusing on your feet during the performance. Any wrong step will go easier unnoticed by the crowd. Another great tip is buying white shoes and dyeing them according to your outfit.
  • Fabric: Consider the advantages of every fabric available and decide which one is more important to you
  • Heel size: Carefully choose the heel height! You probably already know that the most common heel height is between 2 and 3 inches. While higher heels give a more beautiful shape to your legs, making them seem longer, it is important that you are quite comfortable with the size of the heels. A surprising fact is that even half an inch can have a big impact on your performance.
  • Strap types: The type of your shoe’s strap can definitely make a difference while dancing. The 5 classic straps include the traditional ankle strap, t-strap, x-strap (around the ankle), x-strap (around arch) and double-x strap. The first one, although being beautifully designed provides the least foot security, while the double-x strap model provides by far the best security. X-straps generally offer excellent security and are great for both beginners and professional dancers.

How to choose Men’s Latin Dance Shoes

Although men usually wear leather or suede shoes for Ballroom, Salsa or Swing dancing, when it comes to Latin dances, they have to choose shoes that feature a slightly higher heel measuring up to 1.5 inches.

How to properly maintain your dance shoes

Every quick and sudden move executed during practice and performances wear out the materials of your little beautiful Latin shoes. By turning, spinning and stopping constantly a high amount of pressure is put on the pair. Luckily, they are meant to be much stronger than regular street shoes. However, carefully maintaining your salsa shoes can prolong their life and protect your investment. These are some of the most fundamental ways in which you can take care of your dance shoes:


  • Always clean any foreign substance that ends up on the surface of the shoes
  • Use plastic heel protectors which can have anti-noise and anti-slide features
  • Use a shoe brush on your shoes’ soles
  • In order to avoid cracking and sticking use polish or silicon oil on patent shoes.

What to avoid

  • Don't wear outside shoes on a dance floor, because you will most likely be tracking in dirt or water.
  • You should also always avoid using your dance shoes anywhere else besides the dance floor for the same reasons.
  • After purchasing your dance shoes avoid keeping them in plastic or any other non-breathable bags or boxes because their materials could easily get damaged. Instead, store them in a cool and dry place.
  • If by any chance you decide to use regular shoes during dance practice you should make sure that the soles aren’t made out of sticky rubber. You could easily hurt your knees during spins or other dynamic quick moves.
  • Never dance in broken shoes. It can cause serious consequences and you could get hurt.

Whether you are a professional dancer or an amateur, finding the right shoes for you is ultimately one of the most fundamental elements when it comes to your performance. Wearing a suitable pair that fits your foot like a glove, you will not only feel great while dancing, but you won’t even have to worry about comfort which in turn will let you focus solely on your moves.

Explore all your potential as a dancer right now by browsing, and purchasing the right Latin shoes for you!