How to Become a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor

How to Become a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor

In order to become a certified ballroom dance instructor, it is important to have a lot of training under your belt and many years of experience in the field. There are different ways you can ensure this, such as taking specific courses or certifications. If you are interested in becoming certified and want to learn some tips, read on!

Experience in the field

If you want to become a certified ballroom dance instructor, you must first have experience in the field.

Experience is a necessity when it comes to becoming an instructor. You need to teach for at least one year before taking any certification exams. Just as important as your experience is your passion for the course material. You need to love what you are teaching and that passion will come across in the way you teach it.

Certification exams tests a applicants knowledge of line dancing, leading and following. The test is administered by the United States Association of Country Dancers.The test is available in many forms, one being online. Those who pass the exam are awarded with a certificate that reads "Certified Instructor". An instructor must be 18 years old to take the course and must have passed the class in order to take the exam.

Volunteering to teach classes or work as a substitute instructor in your area

How to Become a Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor

A part-time ballroom dance teaching job is one of the surest and most efficient ways to not just learn, but to build a foundation for a career in the industry.

We have found that the single best way to get your start as a dance instructor is by volunteering to teach classes or work as a substitute instructor in your area. When you volunteer for these positions, usually you will be offered an opportunity to fill in for one of the lead instructors when they are on vacation, or are too busy with other duties. This experience will provide you with invaluable information about what it's like to be on the other side of the scenes, and will also allow you time to practice your own skills.

Getting certified as an instructor can give potential employers more confidence that you have what it takes to be a successful instructor. 

Getting certified also allows you to teach in more locations and increase your income potential from teaching as well.

The certification process for a line dancing instructor is as follows:

1) The applicant must have experience teaching line-dancing for at least one year.

2) The applicant must have passed their first level of dance classes and be able to demonstrate this ability through a video submission.

3) The applicant must be able to communicate with Latin American countries in Spanish.

4) Previous experience and qualifications in dance, singing, and vocal lessons is preferred.

5) The applicant must be able to teach dance styles such as Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha and various Latin dance styles.

6) The applicant must be able to teach the Monterey Jive.

7) The application will not be considered if experiences or qualifications do not match our requirements.

8) The applicant must sign a release form within the first three days of teaching that states they understand and accept the terms of this contract. and do not have any other contract or agreement with another dance studio.

How to be an instructor and what it takes.

Step 1: Get a degree in dance or some other related field that qualifies you to teach dance classes because not all schools offer degrees in ballroom dance.

Step 2: Get certified by an agency such as the U.S.-based National Dance Council of America (NDCA). It offers Level I certification for beginners and Level II for intermediate dancers, or Level III for professional competitive dancers.

Step 3: Study with an established teacher  and get your Level I, II or III credentials.

Step 4: Start teaching classes at a local dance school, adult community center or recreation center in your area.