Amanda Tomczyk


My name is Amanda Tomczyk. I started taking photographs many years ago on a trip through Europe with my father. The passion for capturing still images stuck and in 2001 I completed my bachlors degree in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. Shortly after graduating I worked in a graphic design and high-end photographic print shop in Huntsville, AL. I enjoyed practicing the art of creating beautiful prints, both digitally and in the good old fashioned dark room. The people I worked with were inspiring in their craft and I learned many fantastic techniques for creating gorgeous studio prints. In 2004 my life took me out here to Seattle. I fell in love with the people, the gorgeous scenery and I decided to start my own photography business. I document real life in this beautiful landscape that is the Northwest. I photograph people and the spaces where they live


Over the years I have specialized in all kinds of photography. Years ago it was landscapes and still lifes. Today my subject of choice is people. I love photographing children, babies, families and the love and warmth in their eyes. I’m inspired by my own children and joys in documenting their lives. I capture the world through the eyes of a proud mom. I think all of my subjects are beautiful and have a wonderful voice in their expressions in my photographs. I love when I capture happiness without even getting a smile on a child’s face. I want my younger subjects to have their own voice and show me who they are in their photographs. The photographs I capture are not my story, I bring to the image loving approval and the space for expression.


The images that I capture are created by the way I’m able to influence the equipment I work with. I have chosen my camera specifically for it’s capabilities and I do not shoot in automatic settings. I follow the light in a room and try whenever possible to rely only on the natrual light in any situation. I use studio lighting, umbrellas and soft boxes, of course, but when I do I strive for the untrained eye to not recognize that a flash ever went off. After photographing for so many years I’ve learned to slow down and wait for the moment to happen before I snap a million photos trying to get the “right” one. I enjoy telling a story with my photography. And I enjoy watching my subjects and waiting for them to make the move that captures their personality. Whether I’m photographing an event, or a lifestyle portrait session, there is always a story to be told. I love telling the story of that day through my photographs.